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Past Research News

Interface of Nano and Bio, a video clip of Hahm explaining her research at Penn State University.

Researchers use nanoscale zinc oxide structures to detect anthrax, News article written in and, 2006.

On the path toward more useful fluorophores, News article written by Lynn Savage, Biophotonics International, page 34-37, June 2006.

Magnetic Microbes Show a Knack for Nano-Engineering, Science Now, Science News article written by Adrian Cho, April 2005.

Magnetic bacteria help align nanotubes, Institute of Physics, News article written by Liz Kalaugher, 2005.

Bacteria align MWNTs, MicroNano, R&D Magazine, Article in MicroNano Newsletter, 2005

MicrobeWorld Radio, Magnetic microbes, Aired on September 13th, 2005

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Materials Research Institute Faculty Spotlight, Penn State University 2004.

Research News in Materials Today, Detecting DNA the nanowire array, March 2004.

Materials Research Institute Faculty Spotlight, Penn State University, January 2004.

Nanowires track down mutants, Nature Materials, Nature Publishing New article written by Philip Ball, January 2004.

News article written by Alexandra Goho, Gene Screen: Ultrasensitive nanowires catch mutations, Science News Online, January 2004.

American Chemical Society Medical News Today written by Michael Bernstein, Tiny nanowire could be next big diagnostic tool for doctors, December 2003.

Chemical & Engineering News, American Chemical Society, Sensor detects cystic fibrosis, January 2003.

Chicago Materials Research Center, Research Nuggets, Copolymer films: Watching molecules organize themselves, January 1999.