Interested in Joining Hahm Group?

The Hahm Group is Currently Looking for Motivated Students and Postdocs who are interested in our group’s research activities!

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

If you are a Georgetown student, please contact Dr. Hahm by stopping by her office or sending her an email. For prospective students, click here. You may also send Dr. Hahm your inquiry via email.

Postdoctoral Candidates

The Hahm group is seeking highly motivated and talented individuals who will perform postdoctoral research in the development and application of nanomaterials pertinent to biomedical applications. Successful candidates should have a doctorate in chemistry, physics, materials science, or a related discipline. Experience in gas-phase synthesis of nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, semiconductor nanowires, and/or metallic nanorods) and expertise in standard surface characterization techniques (AFM, SEM, TEM, optical/fluorescence microscopy) are essential. The individual should also have the ability to communicate scientific ideas both orally and in writing (including research papers for journals). Further experience in standard clean-room techniques such as UV lithography, thermal/ebeam evaporation, and ebeam writing can be helpful. Familiarity in working with DNA, proteins, and cells can also be helpful.

Interested individuals should submit a curriculum vitae, a description of past research, a statement of future research interests, and names/contact information of at least three references.

Dr. Hahm’s contact information:

Department of Chemistry

Georgetown University

37th and O Streets NW

Regents Hall 520

Washington, DC 20057-1227

Phone: 202-687-5950

Fax: 202-687-6209

E-mail: Click here